Fishing Report


The last couple of weeks Salmon have started moving in to our coastal estuaries and it’s time to get out there and give it a shot. According to forecasts there are a lot of fish to come.  There are also great numbers of Coho in the estuaries.  Incoming tide has produced most Chinook for fly anglers using Clouser Minnows and Comet flies using intermediate sinking line systems.

Sea-Run Cutthroat fishing has been good on Spruce Fly’s, Alley’s Shrimp, Black Nose Dace, and Mickey Finn’s.  Fish Sea-Runs and Coho’s on the out going tides.

Anglers might also try lower sections of freshwater for Sea-Runs as recent rains may have moved some fish up in the river systems.


Fishing Report

Coastal Estuaries: Sea-Run Cutthroat fishing has been fair and will improve.  Spruce Fly, Mickey Finn, Mini2013-07-29_11-09-18_571-Clouser Minnow. Alley Shrimp, Purple Joe & Black Nose Dace are the favorites for this fishery.

Fall Chinook Salmon are starting to nose in to the estuaries and a few have been caught.  Clouser Minnows, Tater Chip, P.C. King, Boss & Hot Shot Comets are my fav’s.

Coastal Freshwater: Decent numbers of chrome bright Steelhead are still available. Early morning is the best bet as the water is cooler. Dark small steelhead patterns.  Great time for floating lines as fish are active.

Willamette Valley Rivers: Fair to good for trout in the evening on attractor dries.  Steelhead fishing has slowed but fish are around just have to work hard for them. Rivers are low and clear but water temps are good so using floating lines will make for exciting hookups. Traditional patterns and Spey’s are the ticket